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Upon NIS America’s revealing of the box art from Imageepoch’s Time and Eternity, a batch of screenshots have been released, including a bigger version of the game’s cover art. The following screens contain cinematic stills with English texts, gameplay images with translated HUD screens, English menus, a map screen, and the aforementioned US box art with a much larger and clearer resolution. You will also get a few glimpses of what the combat system looks like.

In Time and Eternity, you will play as Toki, the princess of Kazma, and her other personality Towa, as they travel through time to hunt down the assassins who murdered her betrothed husband on their wedding day.

For those who are curious about what the Japanese box art looked like, and how it compares to the North American cover, you may visit this page to read more about it.

You may view screenshots below:

Time-and-Eternity_2013_05-03-13_001 Time-and-Eternity_2013_05-03-13_002 Time-and-Eternity_2013_05-03-13_003 Time-and-Eternity_2013_05-03-13_004 Time-and-Eternity_2013_05-03-13_005 Time-and-Eternity_2013_05-03-13_006 Time-and-Eternity_2013_05-03-13_007 Time-and-Eternity_2013_05-03-13_008 Time-and-Eternity_2013_05-03-13_009 Time-and-Eternity_2013_05-03-13_010 Time-and-Eternity_2013_05-03-13_011 Time-and-Eternity_2013_05-03-13_012

Time and Eternity takes the liberty of using hand-drawn animations in favor of computer generated models to seamlessly blend gameplay with the anime cinematics handled by the studio Satellite (Heatguy J, Noeinn, Bodacious Space Pirates, and many more). The game clearly has a vibrant and colorful design choice with simplistic shading and bright lighting to replicate the aesthetics of a general television anime. This sounds like a very experimental design choice that is yet to be successfully incorporated, like the fighters and platformers that use hand-drawn animations.

Time and Eternity will be due this summer for both NTSC and PAL regions, with the game releasing in Europe June 28, 2013, and North America July 16, 2013.


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