The Witch and the Hundred Knights I oprainfall

The Witch and the Hundred Knights, the long delayed PS3 RPG from Nippon Ichi set to release in Japan July 25th and come to the the West sometime later in 2013, has provided almost 50 new screenshots for your viewing pleasure.

The game itself details the war between the beautiful Swamp Witch Metallica, who you play as, versus the hideous forest witch. Players will make use of hack and slash RPG tactics as well as item synthesis. During battle Metallica can make use of the titular knights, summoning them to aid her battles and making careful use of specific knight special abilities.

These pictures focus on Arleccino, Metallica’s servant; shepherd Lana Nia Rukki Ni; half dog inquisitor Bisco and the Fog Witch Nezaria. Enjoy their beautiful pics in the gallery!


Josh Speer
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