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Level-5 LogoWith the recent release of Guild02, followed by its Western localization coming soon, a new set of trademarks filed by Level 5 have been discovered. Each title holds an interesting name, including one that will immediately pique our curiosity.

The games as registered, with courtesy to Siliconera for translating, are entitled WonderflickRetro Drop Adventure Note, and Earth Devastating B-Rank Girlfriend. As much as I’m snickering from reading that last one, I’m really curious about this Girlfriend game, and what its concept will be.

Keep in mind that none of these games have been officially announced, and we have yet to discover which game designer will be working on each game. Here are the trademarks below:

level 5 trademark 3 level 5 trademark 2 level 5 trademark 1

The Guild games have always had wacky concepts and quirky senses of humor. For example, games like Liberation Maiden from Suda51 involve taking control of a schoolgirl-turned-President flying a giant robot to thwart aliens, or Bugs Vs. Tanks! from Keiji Inafune, where a German WWII panzer squad shrinks to bug-size and battles against insects whose sizes are tenfold for survival. You can read our reviews for Liberation Maiden, Aero Porter, and Crimson Shroud, and can expect our thoughts on Guild02 in the future.

If you have any interest in the Guild games from Level 5, there is currently a sale happening in the Nintendo 3DS eShop, where the Guild01 games are discounted to nearly half-off. Having these games saved onto your 3DS will unlock bonus content for each game in Guild02.


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