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Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to another Monday and another episode of The Downpour Podcast!

This week opens with a discussion on all the Nintendo news that came out this week. Nintendo’s Financial Briefing gave us a lot to be happy about, and offered something that sent the mainstream gaming media into a bit of a frenzy. Beyond that, expect lots of discussion on the handful of games we’ve been playing, a tease or two that may lead to a larger Virtual Console discussion, and the latest anime news as well. Jared and Randy both wanted to talk for hours about EVA 3.33. Rather than limit their discussion, however, there may be an entire episode devoted to their “feels” sometime in the not-too-distant future.

Two Brothers Color

What makes this week’s episode truly special, however, is that Jonathan, Jared and Randy got a chance to sit down with Brian and Andrew Allanson from Ackk Studios to discuss Two Brothers. Expect plenty of insights regarding the game’s origins and design, as well as what inspires its developers, and how they worked as a team to create something truly unique. The interview runs from 37:52 – 1:09:55.

Thanks to Ackk Studios for their time! We hope you enjoy hearing what they have to say. If you haven’t already, be sure to visit Ackk Studios on Facebook & Twitter, as well as checking out their Soundcloud for a look at some of the great music heard (and alluded to) during the show.

We always appreciate your feedback! Be sure to comment on this post, or you can send an email to [email protected].

Also, for any purists out there, beware of Final Fantasy IX spoilers from 1:01:51 – 1:02:34



Show Notes:

Monolith Soft’s “X”, SMT x FE Slated for the West at Nintendo Briefing
Nintendo Will Not Hold a Press Conference At E3 This Year
Mother 3 Fan Translation Offered to Nintendo for Free
OPINION: Mega Man 4 — Retro Masterpiece or Beginning of the End?

INTERVIEW: Ackk Studios, Creators of Two Brothers
INTERVIEW: Andrew Allanson, Composer of Two Brothers

From our Week of Reviews:
REVIEW: Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon
IMPORT REVIEW: Archaic Sealed Heat
REVIEW: Sentimental Graffiti
REVIEW: Dragon Fantasy Book I
REVIEW: Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity
Games of the Past REVIEW: Lost in Shadow

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Intro Song: Roy Meets His Match
Interview Intro: Tip Top Peaks
Break: Tal Tal Heights
Outro Song: Potion Shop

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