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Soul Sacrifice - PSNThis week on PSN there are some fantastic offerings to be had, so lets get this party started. First off is the much anticipated Soul Sacrifice for the PS Vita. The game was created by Mega Man co creator Ken Inafune. This action RPG features co-op multiplayer with consequential gameplay. You will take on the role of a slave that discovers a magic book that lets you relive epic battles of history between sorcerers and monsters. To obtain power the player must be willing to make a sacrifice be it a personal item, a limb, or a life.

Deadly Premonition: The Director's Cut - PSN

Next up is Deadly Premonition : The Director’s Cut (PS3). In this game you take on the role of FBI special agent Francis York Morgan as he investigates a murder in the small town of Greenvale. The game features upgraded visuals, an updated control system, a brand new section, and some DLC to keep you playing after the main quest is completed.

Katamari Damacy - PSN

Last but not least is the PS2 classic Katamari Damacy  (PS3) you will take on the role of Prince Cosmos as he tries to fix his father’s mistake of knocking all the stars out of the sky. How will you fix this you may ask?  By rolling everything up into big balls. Sounds strange right?

Other offerings this week include:

The Far Cry 3 expansion Blood Dragon (PS3)

Zombie Tycoon 2 : Brainhov’s Revenge (PS3 / Vita Cross buy)

Telltale games’ : Poker Night 2  (PS3)

T.A.C. Heroes: The Big Red One (PSP )


Steve Baltimore
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