God Eater 2 I oprainfall

There are few things as satisfying in Japanese fiction as gigantic, oversized weapons, which is why I want to show you some pictures from upcoming PSP and Vita game, God Eater 2.

Slated to hit Japan’s shores sometime later this year, the game is the sequel to Namco Bandai and D3’s Gods Eater Burst, released in 2011. The first game revolved around a post apocalyptic world being invaded by god-like alien entities called Aragami, which can only be killed with the use of God Arcs, which are morphing biological weapons.

In the sequel, which takes place 3 years after the first game, the God Arc can transform into even more different forms, including the Shotgun, Assault gun, Blast gun, Sniper rifle, sword, hammer, shield or even a monster devouring mouth-like weapon. All the various weapons have different strengths and weaknesses, but with that much variety, the God Arc’s power seems nearly limitless.

Also new to the game is the Blood Art System, which adds additional effects to your attacks, regardless of what weapon you are using. Over 100 Blood Arts can be acquired through side missions or through basic weapon use in the course of the game.

I have to compare this game to the Monster Hunter series, since both revolve around destroying giant monsters, but I admit that God Eater 2’s visuals and futuristic weapons appeal to me more. Check out the following picture gallery and decide what you prefer!


Josh Speer
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