Dragon's Crown

Dragon's Crown

After showing off three consecutive characters with incredibly disproportionate bodies, Atlus has picked the tasteful Elf for this week’s Dragon’s Crown character highlight.

The Elf is the distance fighter of the bunch. She can shoot her arrows straight forward hitting multiple enemies in a row, rain multiple arrows from above, or jump up and stop mid-air to shoot down on her enemies. She can also imbue her arrows with poison or fire for added damage. Don’t overdo it though. She only has a limited amount of arrows at any given time.

She also has some magic up her sleeve like creating a mini tornado that hits enemies stupid enough to get close to her or hurling a couple of small fireballs. If worst come to worst, the Elf has been taking lessons from Guile. Her series of close range kicks culminates in a Flash Kick that can pop enemies into the air making them easy targets for the Elf’s bow. Unfortunately the video does not reveal what is undoubtedly the Elf’s most powerful attack: The squirrels.

That’s four down and two more to go, the Wizard and the Amazon. Which one do you want to see next?

Dragon’s Crown is slated for August 6th of this year.

Karli Winata
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