Break Record

It’s certainly no secret that we’re all big fans of ATLUS (and the Devil Survivor spin-off franchise) around these parts. Here’s a bit of news regarding the 3DS re-release of Devil Survivor 2 announced a ways back, dubbed Break Record.

Break Record

The game will be released in Japan on July 11th, 2013. As previously reported, it will feature a new character and a new scenario. And furthermore: “The new added scenario is rather large. It will span about the length of a full game in and of itself [and] will be accessible to the player right from the beginning of the game.”

Are you unfamiliar with the plot of Devil Survivor 2? Allow me: a group of teenagers in Japan must rebel against the end of the world after witnessing the threat of mysterious invaders. Also: there’s this cell phone app that can summon demons and see people’s deaths before they happen. As you play through the game and fight to save the world, the mysteries behind the app and the world’s invaders will be revealed.

There’s plenty of intrigue, yes? If that’s not enough for you, perhaps my total hours played might hook you: I’ve clocked 160 hours into the original Devil Survivor 2 released for the DS in February of 2012 (North America). I’m sure I’ll be able to sink just as much time into the re-release when it inevitably makes its way here…

…If you’re still on the fence, you can check out this ad below, or find a way to look into Devil Survivor 2: The Animation.


Jonathan Higgins
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