Bionic Heart 2, available now on Windows, Mac and Linux, is the latest game from prolific indie developer Winter Wolves. Bionic Heart 2 is a visual novel, like its predecessor, but includes new “social boss battles.” In these sections, you will be given a list of options, and you must decide the best way to use your option to break the boss’s defenses. Should you need help with these puzzles, a hint mode is included.

Bionic Hearts 2 Boss Fight

Bionic Heart 2’s story picks up right after the end of Bionic Heart. There are four main characters:

– Luke, who is on Mars with his friends but he can’t stop thinking about Tanya and what she told him

– Tom, who is on Mars too, but he has strong un-confessed feelings for Helen, Luke’s girlfriend

– Tanya, who decided to stay on Earth to fight against Richard, but will she be able to do it alone?

– Tina, an honest police officer who has strong suspicion about Nanotech and wants to investigate.

There is a trailer (shown below), and a free demo on the game’s site. There is also a “bonus content” version that comes with a full soundtrack, 16 wallpapers and exclusive artwork.


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