Fans of Kyoto Animation’s Lucky Star will have something to look forward to in the near future, as its spin-off series Miyakawake no Kuufuku has a promo (at a similar style to Lucky Star’s) and loads of extra information. The show is scheduled to air on Ustream on April 29th.

Miyakawake no Kuufuku sees the return of a large number of the original creative team responsible for Lucky Star. Yutaka “Yumakan” Yamamoto (director of Lucky Star ep. 1-4, Fractale), series writer Touko Machida, Aya Hirano (voice of Konata Izumi), Emiri Kato and Kaori Fukuhara (voices of Kagami and Tsukasa Hiiragi), and Hiromi Konno (voice of Akira Kogami) will be reprising their respective roles. However, it is likely that the returning voice actors are only going to have cameo roles. Production will be handled by Ordet/Encourage Films.

These are the following characters of the series: Hikage Miyakawa (top left), Hinata Miyakawa (top right), Erika Koike (bottom left), Yukina Utsumi (bottom right).

miyakawake no kufuuku hikage miyakawa miyakawake no kuufuku hinata miyakawa

miyakawake no kufuuku erika koike miyakawake no kuufuku yukina mutsumi

The series involves the titular Miyakawa sisters, Hikage and Hinata, who struggle with the poverty and financial ruin that go along with an otaku spending lifestyle. For those who have watched Lucky Star, these two characters have appeared in several moments from the series.

Already the show sounds incredibly bleak and puts our protagonists in a situation where a lot is at stake; though it’s unlikely that the story direction will be as darkly pessimistic as it sounds, given the nature of Lucky Star and the promotional trailer. Should you watch select scenes from Lucky Star, the scenes involving the sisters are now less coincidental and add more context for the upcoming show.


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