God eater 2

Famitsu revealed new information on God Eater 2, the upcoming sequel to the cult classic hunting game God(s) Eater Burst. This new game in the series will introduce two new melee weapons: the Boost Hammer and the Charge Spear.  This issue of Famitsu highlights yet another new weapon to be added; the shotgun. The shotgun will specialize in close range combat. Unsurprisingly, it will have a short range and high attack power. This new gun will probably be very useful when performing the “Weapon switch” technique. For those of you who do not play God Eater, this technique involves switching to your gun in mid combo and is performed by pressing the jump and dash buttons together at the same time as you attack with your melee weapon.

Like in the previous game you will be able to create or customize bullets, which was one of the more interesting aspects of the God Eater games.

Here are some more screenshots of the game:

God Eater 2 shotgun God Eater 2 screenshot 3

God Eater 2 screenshot 2 God Eater 2 screenshot

God Eater 2 is planned to be released in Japan later this year on both the PSP and PlayStation Vita.  No Western release has been announced yet. Hopefully, God Eater 2 can make it out of Japan as it, along with Soul Sacrifice will be the closest thing PSP and PS Vita owners will have to a new Monster Hunter game.


Justin Guillou
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