In this new Earth Defense Force 2025 video, we get to see more live-gameplay footage of the Fencer Mech units, whose abilities such as “raging artillery” and “ninja-like evasiveness” are boasted about by the narrator in a previous trailer.

Upon seeing them in practice, we get to see them take on giant walking robots that appear many times their size from a far distance, and unloading heavy fire. We also get to see them take damage as they evade objects and try to hold on to dear life.

If it takes giant robots and heavy artillery to take out bugs, then human civilization is on track for a massacre like that asteroid scene from Paul Verhoeven’s Starship Troopers.

A dead bug is a good bug!

The rest of the footage shows relentless action-violence that looks incredibly similar, both visually and stylistically, to another game called Zangeki No Reginleiv on the Nintendo Wii, which is not surprising at all since they are both developed by Sandlot.

The footage shows human units combating giant insect creatures by using machine guns, homing missiles, tanks, and motorcycles. Like Reginleiv, you are dwarfed by the scope of your enemies, and yet they can be taken down safely in a raging bloodbath to boot. Earth Defense Force 2025 looks to be similar to arcade shooters with its trigger-happy gameplay, as you plow through over-the-top monsters in a wacky story-line with a ridiculous narrative; something we see less of these days.

Earth Defense Force- 025

Earth Defense Force 2025 is set to release in Japan on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 on July 13 this year, with a North American and European release to follow later this year.

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