Pandora's Tower

Wii U

Toru Haga, the director for Pandora’s Tower, has shared some interesting information about his thoughts and ideas in developing for the Nintendo Wii U. While there are no exact plans or titles to illicit Ganbarion’s debut outing for the system, Haga’s words do leave an impression that a new game is in the works, and will be unveiled at a later time in the future.

In regards to Wii U and developing for the system, Toru Haga explained in the following text:

The Wii U is a unique console with exciting features such as the GamePad. We’re currently thinking of fun ideas using these features. For example, we’re thinking of a gameplay idea that uses two screens from different perspectives, like a tabletop RPG, where players could potentially give each other objectives and progress through the game. Or like with Miiverse, where players can share their gameplay experiences easily, we were thinking of a game that focuses on communication.

But regardless of any ideas that we could potentially realize, as a developer we need to focus on how welcoming it is to the players. We took this approach when we were originally only going to use one Wii Remote for Pandora’s Tower. As a developer, we are very interested in challenging ourselves with new hardware, and we hope that everyone will look forward to our next project.

For those who are currently — or have finished — playing Pandora’s Tower, its design around the Wiimote is pretty simplistic and accessible. Reading that the team at Ganbarion are basing their ideas around the system’s hardware (In this case: The Wii U Gamepad), anything can be expected so long as it properly uses the technology. For what it’s worth, we may see Ganbarion try to attempt making a game like Fire Emblem, if they plan to roll with the table-top RPG idea with the two screens!

So what do you guys think? Are you excited about what the mad minds behind Pandora’s Tower are planning to make, or do you think my Fire Emblem-esque intuition is plain insanity? Go crazy on the comments below!


Andy Na
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