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99 Spirits

RPG fans rejoice! Courtesy of TORaIKI and localized by Fruitbat Factory, we are getting a new title called 99 Spirits. Successfully crowdfunded on IndieGoGo, 99 Spirits focuses on the Japanese myth of Tsukumogami, everyday objects which magically come to life on their 100th birthday.

Game Features –

– Work out the true identity of your enemies in a unique battle system

– Capture enemies, master their skills for battle and use them to solve puzzles on the field

– Interact with over 40 unique characters and battle over 100 monsters

– Beautifully detailed art and an atmospheric original soundtrack bring feudal Japan alive

– Discover multiple unique endings that change based on the player’s actions

– Dual audio: Toggle between English and Japanese voice

“We’ve tried to make the release the best it can be and listened to feedback from all channels, including Steam Greenlight and IndieGoGo. This has resulted in a number of fine additions  such as the option to toggle freely between English and Japanese combat voices.”   says Jakke Elonen, Project Lead for Fruitbat Factory.

99 Spirits will be priced at $14.99.

Its soundtrack will be released simultaneously for $6.99.

Additionally, a Deluxe edition will be available that contains the game’s soundtrack and the original Japanese version bundled in, priced at $19.99.

Everyone who pre-orders the game will receive the Deluxe edition for the price of the regular edition.

“The Deluxe edition of our previous release War of the Human Tanks turned out far more popular than we anticipated, and we’ve had many people asking whether 99 Spirits will have one available as well, so there was never a question about it. We’ve tried to make the Deluxe edition even more appealing to collectors this time around while providing great value to all players”, explains Ozhan Sen, Fruitbat Factory’s Marketing Lead.

99 Spirits is now available for pre-order from the developer’s homepage, and will soon be following on most major distributors including GamersGate, Desura, Amazon and Green Man Gaming.

99 Spirits is planned to be released on PC (Windows) on May 31st.  An official trailer and a set of new screenshots has been released in conjunction with the press release.  The screenshots can be seen via the press kit. The trailer can be seen on Youtube. For more information visit the game’s official website: http://fruitbatfactory.com/99spirits/  or visit their Twitter, Youtube or Facebook Page.

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