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UPDATE: We recently got in contact with Pwnee Studios regarding Ubisoft being the publisher of Cloudberry Kingdom. Here’s what they had to say.

“We were concerned at first as well, in fact – I was against it. The idea of making less money per game really sucks, until you realize that you will likely sell a lot more games when you have a marketing force like Ubisoft behind you. If we were to try to market Cloudberry on our own we would have been in some deep doo-doo.

Honestly Cloudberry has been left untouched by large corporate hands. Nothing has changed since we picked up Ubisoft, and nothing will.

A lot of people are worried about what effects the Ubisoft deal may have on Cloudberry, they just don’t realize that we didn’t allow that sort of thing in our contract.”


Pwnee Studios, the team behind the upcoming Cloudberry Kingdom, recently made a blog post regarding the game’s release. Not only will the game be coming to the Wii U and PC, but it will now also be available on the Xbox 360, the PlayStation 3 and the PlayStation Vita. How were they able to get their game onto all those platforms? It’s all thanks to their new publisher, Ubisoft.

This isn’t a new development, either. The partnership with Ubisoft started only a few weeks after Cloudberry Kingdom received funding via KickStarter. “We were of course pretty hesitant to jump on board with a big pub,” Pwnee Studios explains, “but as things turned out Ubisoft has been nothing but awesome to work with. They’ve never said a word to us about the direction of the game (although they’ve had lots of words to say about progress on finishing the game! =P ), but have been everywhere we needed them to be to get the game out, to protect our interests, and to help us in places we were totally noobs.”

“Unfortunately we couldn’t announce our partnership today, because Ubisoft wanted it to be a surprise as part of their grand marketing scheme leading up to launch. That’s been hard to deal with for a year, but we’re pumped to be finally announcing it!”

For those of you who backed the project on KickStarter and are worried about your rewards, fear not. Pwnee stated in a KickStarter update that the deal with Ubisoft had no impact on the backer rewards for Cloudberry Kingdom. You’ll still be able to get the Wii U or the PC version of the game as promised. As for other platforms, Pwnee tweeted that they will be working on an alternative for those who want it.


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