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GungHo Online Entertainment has confirmed that the newly announced Ragnarok Odyssey Ace will be coming west. The game will include the original and downloadable content from the first game as well as several extras. The Vita version of the game will release, in Japan, on July 11, 2013 for ¥4,935 and ¥3,900 for a digital version. A Sony PlayStation 3 version is in the works but no further details have been announced for it.


  • Touch commands


  • ACE Skill – per class


  • Niizuegg:  A black biting and scratching dragon.


  • Illustrations of each class are being redone.


  • Harmonasu Weapon
  • New clothes and accessories
  • New Cards


  • Tower of Yggdrasil – A randomly generated dungeon that once you gain access will give you powerful weapons and cards.

A Mercenary Helper system:

  • Mercenary Encyclopedia – A place for weapon and monster data that will include combat record data.

Daily Quests:

  •   GungHo has plans to offer a daily quest.

In addition to the new features being offered in the game we also have some fantastic screen shots and character art to share with you.



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