Advance Wars

Advance Wars Screenshot

8-4 recently interviewed Intelligent Systems, the development studio behind the Fire Emblem franchise. Considering that they are also the people behind the Advance Wars series, the question of whether or not they would return to that series was also asked. Masahiro Higuchi, the project manager for Fire Emblem: Awakening, gave an optimistic response.

“Well, whether it’s Fire Emblem or the Advance Wars,” Higuchi explains, “we never want to put an end to any series we’re involved with. We always want to make games that provide a lot of fun to gamers, so if we have the chance, we’d certainly like to make another [Advance Wars] title.”

The last game in this series was Advance Wars: Days of Ruin. That game was released back in 2008. Since the team finished up Fire Emblem: Awakening, now seems like a good time to make another entry in this franchise. You can read the full interview here.

Kyle Emch
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