Fading Hearts

Sakura River Entertainment has released their visual novel RPG Fading Hearts for sale on Amazon. This is the first time that the game will be available off of their own website. The title is selling at a price point of $14.95 and promises multiple endings and a large selection of actions for the player to take as they move through the story.

The game takes place in the fictional Sorayama. Ryou, a high school student,was orphaned when the world was devastated by a series of events that started with the infamous Y2K bug. What was harmless to us crippled this alternate world. Ryou is able to use his talent for computers to get his life on track after the tragedy, and that is when the Fading Hearts story starts. Ryou finds himself in a romantic dilemma: his friend Rina has a crush on him, but he’s struggling with his feelings for another friend named Claire who is currently taken.

One of the most interesting parts of Fading Hearts is that you have a choice of whether or not you want to play it as a straight dating sim, or if you want to look into some mysterious circumstances later in the game that introduce magic and other plot points. It’s entirely up to you, and the range of choices promises some good reply value. The game also boasts the ability to rewind during gameplay if you want to change your decisions on the fly.

Sakura River Entertainment is an indie game developer that places a lot of emphasis on choices in games, how it’s affected by character motivation, and how these can impact the outcome. One of our staff members at Oprainfall reviewed one of their other games, Infinite Game Works. You can read the review here. The studio’s most current title is Don’t Save the World: An RPG and is still in development.

Fading Hearts on Amazon can be found here. If you like the game, you can give it a vote up on Steam Greenlight.

Angela Hinck
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