Etrian Odyssey: Mellennium Girl

Etrian Odyssey: Millennium Girl

Earlier this week, we reported about the Atlus Japan tweet concerning news for Etrian Odyssey fans. About a day later, Etrian Odyssey: Millennium Girl was announced for the 3DS by a very excited Atlus Japan.

This title appears to be a more personal story than the the other Etrian Odyssey games. Millennium Girl will have players control a spear-wielder from the Highlander clan, tasked with investigating some ruins. Spontaneous earthquakes and strange roaring coming from the ruins have  caused concern with the government of Etria.

While the investigation starts off  with just the Highlander, the player will soon find three other companions; a medic by the name of Simon York, an Alchemist named Arthur Charles, and last but not least Lacoona Sheldon, described as “a baladine and woman at the vanguard of the investigatipon party”.  Along with the change in story comes  a twist to the usual gameplay formula.

A few of the revealed changes are:

  • Characters whose class has been changed will keep the same appearance and stats, but will gain the skills of their new job.
  • Event scenes offer a bit more personality to the characters, and add new portraits for each companion.
  • “Novice” and “Veteran” descriptors have been removed from the skill tree.

For all of you wiggling in excitement over Etrian Odyssey: Millennium Girl, be sure to check out the Japanese teaser site that recently went live.

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