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Devil Survivor 2: Break Record was teased earlier this month but little was known about it until this week’s edition of Famitsu when details were revealed. New features include changes to the story and some gameplay enhancements. It’s a treatment similar to what Devil Survivor: Overclocked received when it was re-released for the 3DS as well.

According to a report from Famitsu, the new added scenario is rather large. It will span about the length of a full game in and of itself, taking place right after the battle against the Septentriones. The new scenario will be accessible to the player right from the beginning of the game.

The in-game graphics appear to be untouched, according to a post from a user on NeoGAF. And just as in Overclocked, Break Record will have all the action take place on the bottom screen.

And lastly, the all new 3D animated sequences we mentioned in a previous post have now been revealed to be directed by Full Metal Alchemist and Eureka Seven animation director, Kou Yoshinari. Which means they should look stunning.

Devil Survivor 2: Break Record is due out this Summer for the 3DS in Japan.

Devil Survivor 2 Break Record Devil Survivor 2 Break Record



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