Double Fine's Broken Age

Double Fine asked and their fans answered. The question? “How would you like to help us fund a new adventure game?” The fans gave their response by donating $3,336,371 to the Double Fine Adventure Kickstarter, more than eight times its $400,000 goal. The first peek at the fruits of this combined effort was just released this week. Here’s the new teaser trailer:

The game is a point-and-click adventure title called Broken Age that focuses on two main characters: a girl who lives in a provincial village and a boy who calls a space station his home. They’re both faced with a need to break their routine for one reason or another. For one, it’s a wish for freedom. For the other, their life depends on it. We can only assume that despite their opposite settings the two characters will cross paths in one way or another.

The trailer is pretty vague on the details and shows more setting and design than story or gameplay, but it’s a nice peek into what Double Fine is cooking up with those donated dollars.

If you missed the Kickstarter and still want to contribute, Double Fine is still taking donations right here and offering incentives, including a copy of Broken Age upon release and access to private forums containing exclusive game updates and discussions. The minimum donation is set at $30.


Angela Hinck
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