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Major Nelson, the man responsible for giving us news and updates regarding Xbox Live, has posted in his blog a long list of games and downloadable content that are discounted for this year’s Spring Sale release. The prices for the following games are listed according to US Dollar currency, and prices are to vary by separate regions.

This offer can be used by those who are Xbox LIVE Gold or Free Members.

While many of the listed games are not akin to the types of games we like to play, keep in mind everybody’s tastes differ, and that there should be at least one or two games that suit your interests:


Interestingly, all the episodic content for TellTale’s first season of The Walking Dead are on Major Nelson’s list, and this is something definitely worth taking advantage of. The first episode is FREE of charge, followed by the rest of the series, which are 200 Microsoft Points per episode; having done the math, each episode — with the exception of the first — is worth $2.50, and getting the whole series should cost $10.00 ($1.00 = 80 MSP). The full version should round you at about $25.00 on XBLA; the physical retail version is currently priced at $29.99.

You can learn more about our Walking Dead content HERE, including this wonderful article. Some of our own staff members like it a lot!

There are many other prices you can take advantage of, such as the DLC pricing for Skyrim, Resident Evil 6, and Dead Rising 2, among a lot of other great deals. The Spring Sale will continue until April 1, 2013, continuing with some more great offers. Hopefully Major Nelson won’t be playing a trick on us, considering the date.


Andy Na
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