An enhanced port of Devil Survivor 2 is on its way for the Nintnedo 3DS this time called, Devil Survivor 2 Break Record. Atlus just released new details on some of the new features.


Like Devil Survivor Overclocked, this new game will feature full voice acting. Other new additions include, new scenarios and new animated cutscenes with a “3D effect”(This is a 3DS game after all). They also announced that there will be a new female character and a new “Casual” mode for beginners or for people who just want to sit back and enjoy the story.

A picture of the new character is shown below. Atlus has not yet revealed this character’s name or how she fits into the story.

devil survivor 2 character

Right now Devil Survivor 2 Break Record is scheduled for a summer release in Japan.


Justin Guillou
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