UPDATE: GameStop is now listing the Fire Emblem Art Books as sold out. If you were able to take advantage of this offer, congratulations.

Fire Emblem Art Book

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GameStop | Fire Emblem: Awakening

For those who have struggled to acquire a physical copy for Fire Emblem: Awakening, only to bitterly swallow some pride and download it via eShop, can now have some disappointments undone by following GameStop’s current offer. The retailer has announced that the Fire Emblem: Awakening art books, which were available for customers who pre-ordered early, can now be available by anyone who has a PowerUp Rewards account and the required amount of points to trade in. All physical merchandise — including the Fire Emblem art books — that are available at Gamestop’s Rewards site are shipping-free.

Having a PowerUp Rewards account myself, I can guarantee this is real. Unfortunately, the page displaying the item is only accessible for registered members only. Luckily, however, a found image displaying the art book can be viewed below:

GameStop | Fire Emblem: Awakening Art Book

As of now, there is no information by GameStop regarding how long the Fire Emblem: Awakening art books will remain on display, or if they are going to be limited on stock. Nevertheless, now would be a good time for those with GameStop Rewards accounts to take advantage of this current offer. To learn more PowerUp Rewards, visit here.

These are beautiful art books that are similar in design to that of the Xenoblade Chronicles art books, that were also acquired by pre-ordering. Images are all finely printed on hard plastic sheets and contain very smooth and glossy textures. It has a lesser page count than Xenoblade‘s and contains plentiful amounts of character art, including a really awesome illustration by the game’s artist, Yusuke Kozaki.

A lot of people don’t like shopping at GameStop but there are many ways to take advantage of this retailer. And having PowerUp Rewards is one of them, along with buying used games.

Now if only Xenoblade Chronicles will be a Gamestop PowerUp Reward…

Or maybe the art book. I dunno.


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