Atelier Eska & Rosa

Well ladies and gentlemen, it seems like another installment in the Atelier series is in the works. It was announced by Dengeki PlayStation, the name of this new game is Atelier Escha & Logy: The Alchemists of the Sky and Dusk. And as the title says, there are two protagonists you’ll get to play as, each with their own story. In addition, you can have up to six characters in battle and switch between each.

Another thing to know is that this game will use the Dynasty Warriors LTGT engine. This is possible due to Gust being acquired by Tecmo Koei. 

The Atelier series seems quite the RPG series for the PlayStation 3. Although I have never gotten around to actually playing any of this series’ games, I’m pretty sure, none the less, it’s going to be a solid game.

Atelier Escha & Logy: The Alchemists of the Sky and Dusk is in development for PlayStation 3 and slated for a possible release on June 27. Let us know what you think below.


Theophilus Fox
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