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Sorry to keep you waiting. After a few weeks’ break (read: Jonathan has been playing Fire Emblem: Awakening for 101 hours and 32 minutes according to his Activity Log; this may or may not be related), a new episode of The Downpour Podcast is available for your listening pleasure!

This one’s for you, Kingdom Hearts fans. Jonathan and Randy sit down on the fly to talk at length (and try not to bicker or argue back and forth like children) about the long-running franchise from Disney and Square-Enix. Every single game is discussed, and SPOILERS are rampant. But, as per usual, there are show notes detailing when each game is discussed; none of the spoilers overlap.

Jonathan finally ditched his crackly mic in favor of something much cleaner, and Randy was in charge of editing the show this time around, so you may notice a ton of improvements over past shows.

But all that said, we hope you enjoy this latest episode of The Downpour Podcast! Beware, the DARKNESS!



Show Notes:

0:00:01 – 0:08:13 Introductions
0:08:14 – 0:23:58 Kingdom Hearts 1
0:23:59 – 0:28:55 Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories
0:28:56 – 0:45:46 Kingdom Hearts II
0:45:47 – 0:57:48 Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days
0:57:49 – 1:26:35 Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep
1:26:36 – 1:35:22 Kingdom Hearts: Re:Coded
1:35:23 – 2:02:34 Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance
2:02:35 – 2:15:05 Kingdom Hearts…will go on.

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