MapleStory: The Girl's Fate

MapleStory: The Girl of Fate box art

Editor’s note: This article discusses a Korean-language game. Consequently, there will be discrepancies in interpreting its title.

A brand-new single-player game in the MapleStory franchise, MapleStory: The Girl of Fate (「메이플스토리 운명의소녀」), will arrive on the 3DS this April. It will be the first-ever South Korean exclusive for the 3DS.

The story involves a girl on a quest to exorcise a mysterious spirit that has possessed her body. The game is an action RPG, so naturally, the girl’s adventure will involve meeting NPCs, taking on side quests, and fighting monsters. The game has been designed with ease of play in mind, with only one button for attacking. That’s not to say the game will lack depth, however—the player will be able to customize the character’s skills, and there will be many different weapons to choose from.

MapleStory: The Girl of Fate will be released on the 3DS on April 25 for ₩44,000 KRW (approximately $39 USD).

Thanks to reader Doyee Byun (변도의) for providing a more accurate title.


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