Kickstarter Hearts Games

Kickstarter has announced that over $100 million USD has been pledged to game projects on their website. This dollar amount covers over 4,500 games supported by 633,242 backers. Of these, 1,476 projects have been successfully funded. The announcement on Kickstarter’s blog contains a list of successful projects that have already been released, including FTL: Faster Than Light, winner of Best PC Game in the oprainfall Awards of 2012.

Kickstarter attributes the very large spike of activity for games in 2012 ($83,144,565, up from $3,855,692 in 2011) to the launch of the Double Fine Adventure campaign, which raised $3,336,371. Later that year, OUYA became the most funded game project on Kickstarter with $8,596,474 pledged. oprainfall covers many Kickstarter projects and other crowdfunding campaigns in our recurring Crowdfunding Spotlight series. Niche games come in many forms; it is important to recognize the growth of crowdfunding as a tool to raise awareness for promising games that would otherwise go unnoticed.


Raymond Dwyer
Former Contributor--Raymond is an architect in Chicago who has been playing video games for as long as he can remember. For all that the city offers, he mostly prefers sitting down to a good game when he can spare the time. Buildings look better rendered than they do in real life anyway.