The Swapper

There’s more than one unique detail about The Swapper that is bound to catch the eye of 2D platforming fans. The game, which is due out this spring via Steam, is made up of handmade claymation art that utilizes clay models and a setting put together out of everyday materials. The result is a surreal and beautiful style of animation. See the trailer down below to get a firsthand look at all the details.

Players will find themselves in control of an astronaut that is for one reason or another inside of an abandoned space station. There is a device in-game called the Swapper that will allow players to clone the protagonist and switch between bodies as they explore, try to discover how they got there, and how they can get home. This brings up a lot of questions: What would the implications of such a device be? Are your clones sentient, or just bodies waiting for you to animate them? Can you swap bodies with people other than your clones? The game’s website seems to suggest that there is more to the Swapper than providing an interesting gameplay mechanic.

The Swapper is Facepalm Games’ first release and has been supported by Indie Fund, an organization that does just what the name suggests: they help fund independent game developers. Olli Harjola and Tom Jubert from Facepalm Games will be at PAX East this weekend (look for them at the Indie Megabooth) and will be at GDC next week.


Angela Hinck
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