Tenya Wanya Teens

Game director Keita Takahashi is perhaps best known for his work on Katamari Damacy and its sequel We Love Katamari. He announced via Studio uvula’s website that he has a new project in the works called Tenya Wanya Teens that is set to debut in San Francisco on March 27th at an event called PARTY (or its full title, “All Other Parties Are Still Trite And Dull.”)

The game was created in conjunction with Wild Rumpus and Venus Patrol, the latter of which has billed the game as a party game for two players played with custom controllers featuring joysticks and sixteen buttons apiece. This will definitely hamper the game’s accessibility, but no one can say it doesn’t fit the game’s unconventional style.

Tenya Wanya Teens - Alien

Tenya Wanya Teens translates to Topsy-Turvy Teens in English, and the PARTY website describes the game as “a coming-of-age tale about love, hygiene, monsters, and finding discarded erotic magazines in the woods.”  It will appear at the PARTY venue alongside other indie titles, including Panoramical, SoundSelf, Superspace____, and Samurai Gunn.

Tenya Wanya Teens will also make an appearance March 29th at the Experimental Gameplay Workshop in San Francisco, which just happens to be the same venue that the initial prototype of Katamari Damacy was submitted to back in 2005.


Angela Hinck
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