Final Fantasy X


It’s been almost a month since last we heard from Final Fantasy X HD, but Shonen Jump has come out with a report that the long anticipated HD port will come with the game’s sequel, the oddly, yet appropriately named Final Fantasy X-2 on the same disc… at least, on the PS3. On the Vita, it seems that it will be a separate purchase.

I’m not particularly surprised that X-2 is getting HD treatment. After all, wasn’t a full half of X-2 just recycled content from X? I’m more surprised that they’re splitting up the games on the Vita. The Vita is already in dire straits right now, and forcing Vita owners to purchase two games, while PS3 owners need only one purchase, really seems like a dumb idea. Unless Square Enix is planning to release the games for $20 each on the Vita, and $40 for both on the PS3. Fans may decide that they’d rather only have X, thereby encouraging more Vita sales… But, even then I’m skeptical. And that’s assuming my price guesses are right. More likely Square Enix will charge $30-$40 a piece for the Vita games, and it’s doubtful that they’ll be able to charge $60 for 10+ year old games, so the console version will almost certainly be cheaper than buying the two Vita titles.


Guy Rainey
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