Fantasy Life Level-5 Logo

Fantasy Life, the RPG collaboration between Level-5 and 1-UP Studio (formerly known as Brownie Brown), has garnered quite a bit of praise and success in Japan, selling out in the first week and managing to sell over 250,000 units. For a new IP that takes a stab at doing something a little more creative than the average turn base game, that’s a plus in my books.

Outside of Japan, there was already a demand for Fantasy Life before it was released. And with the amount of esteemed praise it got from critics and, after release, from gamers alike, the big question on everyone’s mind was this: “Will this be localized for the West?” Well Level-5 games, for the most part, have gotten the proper localization. Following up, with the healthy sales numbers this title has gotten, it certainly sounds like a no-brainer.

Well, just recently, it was found out that Level-5 did in fact show some signs of this by trademarking “Fantasy Life” on the 12th of March. While we’re not saying it’s official or guaranteed, signs are pretty positive. Sadly, no trademark can be found for the North American side, though Level-5 doesn’t really exclude games from one region to another, except for Inazuma Eleven.

From what I’ve seen, it looks to be yet another unique JRPG from two beloved companies who seem to share the same philosophies when it comes to game designing; a match made in heaven if you will. We seriously hope something comes of this and Level-5 follows up on this.


David Fernandes
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