Compile HeartsWould you like to play a game as a girl who enters dangerous dungeons to retrieve curry ingredients? How about a card based strategy game? If Compile Heart has their way, you’ll be able to!

The games in question are Holy Sorcery Story (what sorcery has to do with curry, I’m not sure) and Monster Monpeice respectively. Compile Heart is shopping them around to Western publishers for American and European release. A Japanese dungeon crawler starring a girl looking for curry on the Vita? XSEED, I think this might be perfect for you. Might as well take the other one too, while you’re at it.


Guy Rainey
I’m Guy Rainey. I’m a hardcore Nintendo fan, a PC enthusiast, and a Sony sympathizer. Also an amateur/aspiring game creator. I love any game that puts story as the main focus of the game, so that means JRPGs are my favorite genre almost by default.