Oboro Muramasa 006

Muramasa Rebirth

Excited for Vanillaware’s Muramasa Rebirth, the PlayStation Vita remake of Muramasa: The Demon Blade? Then Japanese publisher Marvelous AQL has a treat for you in the form of two new video snippets showcasing abilities in one and unlocking swords in the other. As the exact text in the video isn’t clear, you will see enough gameplay to get a generalization of what’s going on. For instance, the way you unlock swords in Rebirth and The Demon Blade is by collecting items that are required for each sword. After all the items have been gathered, take your haul to the forge and craft away.

Muramasa Rebirth sword crafting:

Sword abilities:

Muramasa Rebirth contains the same fast-paced, high-octane sword-play that made the Wii iteration a complete joy to play. Muramasa Rebirth hits Japan March 28 of this year. Localization has been confirmed for North America and is being handled by the beautiful team at Aksys Games.

Arik Yates
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