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If you thought Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate was just a port of Monster Hunter Tri, think again. Capcom has detailed some of the new features in the upcoming game in a Capcom-Unity blog post.

The first thing they mention is that Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate will feature 73 different monsters. For those who have played Monster Hunter Tri, here is a list of new targets:

from Monster Hunter Freedom Unite

  • Anteka (small)
  • Bullfango (small)
  • Azure Rathalos (subspecies)
  • Silver Rathalos
  • Pink Rathian (subspecies)
  • Gold Rathian
  • Plesioth
  • Green Plesioth
  • Black Diablos
  • Nargacuga

from Monster Hunter Portable 3rd

  • Gargwa (small)
  • Slagtoth (small)
  • Wroggi (small)
  • Arzuros
  • Great Wroggi
  • Lagombi
  • Volvidon
  • Nibelsnarf
  • Duramboros
  • Zinogre
  • Crimson Qurupeco (subspecies)
  • Purple Ludroth (subspecies)
  • Jade Barroth (subspecies)
  • Baleful Gigginox (subspecies)
  • Sand Barioth (subspecies)
  • Steel Uragaan (subspecies)
  • Glacial Agnaktor (subspecies)
  • Green Nargacuga (subspecies)

brand new targets in Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate

  • Brachydios
  • Rust Duramboros (subspecies)
  • Stygian Zinogre (subspecies)
  • Lucent Nargacuga (subspecies)
  • Ivory Lagiacrus (subspecies)
  • Abyssal Lagiacrus (subspecies)
  • Savage Deviljho (subspecies)
  • Hallowed Jhen Mohran (subspecies)
  • Goldbeard Ceadeus (subspecies)
    …and an all new final boss

There are also a total of 211 new quests, bringing the total to 339, not counting the free DLC quests.

The total number of weapons in the game is now 1398. The new additions are broken down like this:

  • 59 Great Swords
  • 83 Long Swords
  • 71 Sword & Shields
  • 122 Dual Blades
  • 73 Hammers
  • 99 Hunting Horns
  • 78 Lances
  • 108 Gunlances
  • 76 Switch Axes
  • 91 Heavy Bowguns
  • 96 Light Bowguns
  • 115 Bows

There are 1028 new pieces of armor as well.

The game will also have three new areas: The Tower, Misty Peaks, and the Tainted Sea. It will feature multiplayer, both online (for the Wii U version) and local (for 3DS). There will also be a new A.I. companion, which can be customized with a variety of abilities.

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate will be available on March 19 in North America, and in Europe on March 22. The game will be released for both the Nintendo Wii U and the Nintendo 3DS systems.



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