Fez—Nice Hat

It’s finally official: the dimension-twisting platformer Fez will be making its way from being an Xbox Live exclusive to being available for Windows gamers via Steam. Some doubted that this day would ever come, as creator Phil Fish had said before in no uncertain terms that Fez was solely a console game. Plans for a Steam release were rumored, but vague.

Now, the fog has been cleared from Fez‘s future on Steam once and for all. Fish has addressed the port via a Reddit Q&A, and Steam now has a page for the game up and running, with the Windows release date set for May 1st this year. Fish has also mentioned in the Q&A that there are plans for Mac and Linux versions of the game sometime in the future. There’s also the possibility of a Vita and PSN release, as well as iOS and OUYA releases, though these seem less concrete. A question about the 3DS was met with little enthusiasm by the Fez creator.

Fez takes place in what is initially a 2D world. The protagonist, Gomez, has never known anything more—until one fateful day, a red fez comes down from the heavens and gives him the ability to see his world in 3D for the first time. The game has won numerous awards and was featured in the documentary Indie Game: The Movie.


Angela Hinck
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