steamworld-dig-fistful-of-dirtFrom Swedish developers Image & Form, a studio mainly focused on smartphones and handheld devices, comes a brand new exclusive Nintendo 3DS e-shop title called SteamWorld Dig, a 2D adventure platformer that involves strategy and mining.

SteamWorld Dig takes place in the same world as SteamWorld: Tower Defense on the Nintendo DSi — also by Image & Form — but its new design choices make it a completely different game.

According to the SteamWorld Dig website, which you can visit HERE, the game lets you play as Rusty, a lone miner who is thrust upon an adventure as soon as he arrives a mining town that is in great need. As Rusty, players must dig through the depths of the earth to find resources, gain riches, and discover an ancient evil hidden below.

steamworld dig characters
From its Facebook page: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Image & Form shows much enthusiasm for its new title, boasting its high-resolution character sprites and visual design, and goes so far as to call it an “actual game”.

  • Carve a path through the earth, and explore a deep underground world full of secrets, treasure and terrors.
  • Uncover the remnants of Human civilization, a degenerate race of drunken, dynamite-wielding troglodytes.Meet the weird and interesting townsfolk of Tumbleton and help the community get back on its feet.
  • Beautiful, high-res graphics with dynamic lights and multiple parallaxed background layers.
  • Not another 3D effect showcase nor a cheap port; we’re making an Actual Game™!

Contrary to the last statement where the game won’t be “another 3D effect showcase”, Image & Form clarified in response to someone on Facebook by saying it will not discard 3D, but it will not try to use stereoscopy for its own sake, and wow the players with “snazzy 3D effects”. There will be relevant use of stereoscopy to create graphical depth.

From the images currently present in the screenshots, SteamWorld Dig looks visually pleasing, as if it were something out of Megaman or Mighty Switch Force. Take a gander below:





So far there has not been any footage released yet, but the Facebook page is always open for questions, comments, concerns, and support. Image and Form could appreciate some company in seeing the game completed.

SteamWorld Dig is currently planned to release in mid-2013. Be sure to hear more information from us in the coming future.

Andy Na
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