If you are a fan of arcade shoot-em-ups, or anything from Treasure such as Radiant Silvergun, Ikarugaor Sin and Punishment, this new iOS game may suit your fancies.

Danmaku Unlimited 2, by Sunny Tam from Doragon Entertainment, is a sequel to the critically acclaimed bullet-hell shooter of the same name — minus the numeric. Danmaku Unlimited 2 looks and feels like a Japanese-designed game, but it is actually developed in Canada.

You can watch the trailer below:

Danmaku Unlimted 2 is supposed to bring a modern and original take to the Japanese arcade shoot-em-ups that are scarce in quality on the iOS platform. It may essentially be the Sturgeon’s Law for iOS shmups. The game looks incredibly similar to its ilk from the past, with crazily stylized and screen-filling particle effects, never-ending floods of projectiles, anime-esque spaceships, and catchy and upbeat music.

Here are the list of features for Danmaku Unlimited 2:


  • Authentic indie J-STG style action.
  • Battle countless enemies as you fight across 5 beautiful, action-packed stages
  • Weave and dodge against unique, exhilarating bullet patterns in epic multi-phase boss battles.
  • Level up and outfit the powerful Senko fighter to suit your personal play-style!
  • Unique innovative swipe controls built for a perfect mobile shooter experience.
  • Music by the talented Japanese indie group BLANKFIELD
  • 4 levels of difficulty
  • Choose between 2 full-featured game modes
  • Bonus features: Go for a challenge in the Boss Rush mode or practice your skills in the Free Play mode.
  • Compete for international leader-board dominance on GameCenter
  • Tons of achievements to unlock!
  • Adjustable screen-size and control sensitivity
  • Bluetooth arcade controller compatible
  • Universal and optimized for the iPhone/iTouch 5

The game will support the iCade miniature arcade-cabinet — or the Bluetooth arcade controller, as listed in the features — to emulate the hands-on experience of playing with arcade sticks. Adjustable screen sizes should be helpful for those who want to calibrate settings to replicate that arcade-cabinet feed. And like every home-console version for these games, there will be a Free Play Mode that players can casually play with.

Danmaku Unlimited 2 is available now and can be purchased at iTunes or the Apps store for iOS. Full product costs $4.99, but the trial version, Danmaku Unlimited 2 Lite, is free. You may also find its predecessor, Danmaku Unlimited, in the same way.

To learn more about Doragon, visit their blog page here.


Andy Na
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