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Industry Pioneer Joe Ybarra to Showcase His Expertise with Joe Got Game

Scottsdale, AZ, March 06, 2013 – Joseph Ybarra, known for his pioneering role in the videogame industry as one of the earliest producers at Electronic Arts, has announced the formation of a brand new game development and publishing company that bears his name: Joe Got Game.

Mr. Ybarra views Joe Got Game as the culmination of his ground-breaking accomplishments on both the creative and the business side of games. Joe produced such classic games as the original Wasteland, Bard’s Tale, Starflight, Madden Football and M.U.L.E., as he held executive positions at Electronic Arts, 3DO, Ensemble Studios, Ubisoft and Warner Bros., among others.

Capitalizing upon the in-depth experience from years of development, Joe’s team is aligning themselves with the latest technological trends, and hopes to bring an immersive gaming environment to both tablet and PC players.

“Over the years, I had the opportunity to work with major publishers and a host of really talented people, and, in doing so, I evolved my own processes for crafting and distributing games,” Joe stated. He went on to say, “I felt the need at this point in my career to leverage all that I’ve learned, and build a new studio from the ground up with a new kind of focus on the gamer experience, and to make that one of excitement, wonder and social relevance. This represents a different approach than I had ever taken before, but one I think will result in some great things.”

Joe Got Game is about to announce its debut offering, which will also be featured on Kickstarter. “We’re extremely excited about how the company and the team have come together, and we’re already planning a series of connected titles that will really take advantage of the tools and techniques at our disposal,” Joe added, “We believe Joe Got Game represents a real turning point in this industry relative to how games are conceived, built, delivered and enjoyed.”

About Joe Got Game

With over thirty years in the game industry, Joe Ybarra is known for dozens of classic titles (such as Wasteland, Madden Football and The Matrix Online), his executive roles with major publishers (including EA, Ubisoft and Warner Bros.), plus his pioneering work in the art and technology of game development. Founded in early 2012, Joe Got Game is dedicated to crafting games which are based on Joe’s vast legacy, and which deliver an exciting, meaningful experience to a worldwide audience. More information can be found at

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