Scarlet Blade

Aeria Games has just released a great tidbit of information about Scarlet Blade for those of us who like to get competitive. At the start, players will select a faction: the Royal Guards or the Crimson Knights. Each faction was born because the powerful AI known as Mother is split into two personalities, each believing itself to be the original. And there’s definitely no shortage of locations for the two factions to settle the score. The 30 versus 30 Janus map as well as the 80 versus 80 Turnpike map await all those who wish to lay waste to the opposition. Additionally, there are more battlefields designed to accommodate even more players slated to release some time after the official launch of Scarlet Blade.

For another interesting PvP challenge, the huge open-world zone known as Caergate is set to pit the factions against one another, as well as killer NPCs. Additionally, massive raid bosses wander this same zone, waiting for players to take their chances for some of the rarest, most sought-after loot in the game. But it’s not just a matter of fighting the bosses, Scarlet Blade players will have to fight against members of the opposing faction for the kill.

Anyway, while massive PvP in an MMORPG has been done before, there’s definitely always room for more games to do the same, as long as they do it right. I’m excited to get a chance to try this game out, and I’m hoping that Scarlet Blade is not another cookie-cutter MMO with the main draw being half-naked women. There’s a core audience for games like that, and I’m not a member of it.

Joey Williamson
Joey is a summer 2012 graduate of the Studio Art program at Florida State University, where he focused in illustration and sculpture. He's currently employed part-time at Toys"R"Us, sitting on that job to buff up his resume while applying for other jobs more relevant to his degree. Things that you might catch him doing on his time off include frequent trips to the movie theater, throwing down some new sketches for project ideas that will never see the light of day, or crying about having to go to work the next day. To break the lull of his tears, he likes to watch anime and try out new games, particularly MMOs. He's a huge Sailor Moon fanboy, but also gives a 10 out of 10 to shows like Arakawa Under the Bridge, Katanagatari, and Kids on the Slope.