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Ace Attorney 5 is coming to the 3DS soon, and it’s safe to say that many people are excited. In fact, a member of the Capcom Unity board asked whether any other Ace Attorney related projects would happen if Ace Attorney 5 would sell well. Specifically, they were wondering if a collection of previous Ace Attorney games for the 3DS would be possible. Capcom USA Senior VP Christian Svensson replied that, although he has proposed this idea to Capcom Co., Ltd., the Japanese branch of the company, over the last couple of years, there has been no such luck as of yet. Though disheartening, Sven finished his post with a simple “Hang in there”.

In the meantime, Capcom will still be bringing HD ports of the first three Ace Attorney games to iOS later this year. The HD versions, presented in a dual-screen layout similar to the original DS Ace Attorneys, were already released in Japan last February, and were slated for a release during Autumn 2012 in the West. However, they have since been delayed.


Kyle Emch
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