Sonic Dash

Sonic Dash

Need more Sonic action that doesn’t involve vehicles? Sega has just announced Sonic Dash for iOS devices. Sonic will be running and jumping his way through various obstacles in a 3D environment. You will be able to compete with friends on leaderboards. What it is you’re competing for exactly is unknown. The announcement is rather lacking in details.

The blue hedgehog’s gaming career started strong back in the days of the Sega Genesis. But his early success could not be sustained. His  recent outings on the home consoles can be described as rather spotty (Although he does have his moments). Oddly enough, he’s had better luck when he’s not running on foot. His most consistently good appearance has been on non-traditional gaming devices. Sonic Jump garnered a four and a half star rating on iTunes. If Sonic Dash turns out to be good, will this mark the beginning of a new career for Sonic on smartphones?

No release details has been announced at this time for Sonic Dash.


Karli Winata
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