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Warning: The following contains spoilers and should be read with this in mind.

Pokémon Colosseum – Availble only on Gamecube

When I started thinking about the game, the moment in my life I started getting passionate into games… well it was difficult. To pin-point the place you started, when you’ve been exposed to and been playing video games your whole life…  When I thought about it deeply and seriously, it is most likely that Pokémon Colosseum was the start of my gaming passion.

As a child, I was first introduced into gaming as…well…”just video games”. In fact, the first console I owned was a PlayStation. My sister and I enjoyed hours of Bomberman, Spyro and Crash Team Racing, all of which are fantastic games. I would put Crash Team racing up high on my favourite games list! Besides this, we also had neighbours who introduced us to games such as Odd world and Worms Armageddon, which we enjoyed watching. But I would say our Super Nintendo and Gameboy were where we had the most fun. But at this stage in my life, I just liked games because they were fun. I wasn’t seriously passionate.

During this time I came to love Pokémon the most, especially loving Pokémon Stadium. Having battles in 3D was mind blowing for me, and I instantly wanted my own N64, but sadly I never got one. I always craved the idea of playing Pokémon in this kind of…3D-open-battlefield style, like what Pokémon Stadium had, dreaming of being a Pokémon Trainer myself. I also loved how the Pokémon attacks were clearly shown, and it felt so much more real than that of the original games for Gameboy.  As I grew up, Pokémon Colosseum made its debut and I wanted nothing more to get my hands on it. As an Eevee and Eeveelution fan I wanted the game even more-so, because Espeon and Umbreon starred in the game.  And this is where my story begins…

Espeon and Umbreon. Your faithful companions

One day, we had a ‘market’ day at school where we were given money, and we also had to set up shops by cutting out items like food or TV’s, etc.  When it was my turn to buy and leave my stall to my friend, I came across a girl who I saw had bought Pokémon Colosseum. I instantly striked up a conversation with this girl, and eventually…invited myself over to her house. Of course, she was a bit surprised by me saying, “I’m coming over to play”, but she accepted my invitation. That girl…was none other than Oprainfall’s Head editor Charlotte Buckingham.

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Jodie Langford
Jodie joined the Oprainfall Staff as a translator during the winter of 2012. If you see an article on the website with an entirely Japanese source, odds are she’s had a hand in bringing the information to you! She enjoys most RPGs, especially Monster Hunter and Pokemon.