UPDATE: Still no official word, so this is should still be taken with a grain of salt, but the official Bravely Default Twitter has offered a response…to the response…of the first tweet they sent out, mentioned below.



Here’s an official translation to accent the one above, once again courtesy of oprainfall’s Will WhitehurstThere are so many comments from people overseas! We’re doing our best to give everyone the chance to play! That last bit, as before, indicated that translation software was used in the tweet above.

Are things looking more and more hopeful? We’ll continue to keep you informed.

Bravely Default


You know it’s a crying shame that a title like Bravely Default: Flying Fairy hasn’t been announced for localization. A game that utilizes the 3DS’ strength to the fullest, and a game (besides FF Type-0 and FFXIII Versus) that people actually care about that’s coming from Square Enix. Literally everywhere you will see JRPG fans craving for it and who can blame them really; the game looks fantastic! Sadly, it seemed Square Enix were to afraid to take the risk as the game is at least 95% fully voiced and they seemed to had no interest in doing the work to have it dubbed. Take into account the 3DS isn’t exactly booming on the sales charts in North America, and especially not in the PAL region. It looked like it was going to share the same fate as Type-0. Or is it?

Apparently our cries, begging, and complaints might have reached Square Enix after all! Just recently Square Enix’s official Bravely Default Twitter Account posted the tweet below here:

Bravely Default Twitter

When loosely translated, it says: “We haven’t accessed Twitter in a while. Foreigners’ voices are definitely coming through!” (Insert the English portion) The last bit states that a Translation software is being used.

Of course we should be excited, but at the same time we should simmer our hype down for our own good. As we all know, Square just loves to tease and make us anticipate a new announcement, only for them to dash our hopes and dreams when it was all for just another iOS game (TWEWY/All the Bravest/Final Fantasy ports etc.) Nothing wrong with wanting to make games for smart phones and tablets, but come on, give us a bone here Square. The ball is in your court now Square Enix, please don’t let us down.

Thanks goes out to Will Whitehurst for the translation ~


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