Bombermine map

Have a big presentation to give at work tomorrow? Trying to get a head start on a research paper due in a couple weeks? Well, too bad, because now you’re playing Bombermine all night. This unofficial web-based massively-multiplayer version of Super Bomberman allows up to 1,000 players to compete on a single server.

Just like in real life, the Nyan Cat is not to be trifled with.

Bombermine contains many of the usual Bomberman staples, including extra bombs, increased firepower and speed boosts. Unlike other Bomberman games, however, various status effects help to keep the action frantic and exciting. Pick up the Fast Explosion status to make bombs detonate twice as quickly. Find a Nuclear Bomb to become the bomb, and watch players scurry away to escape the blast radius. Or contract the deadly Nyan-disease to become the ever-dangerous Nyan Cat.

Bombermine also incorporates features prevalent in other online games. A chat window on the screen allows players to talk with their fellow Bombermen in-between explosions. Players can also check their progress on the scoreboard with the push of a button. The game even utilizes a spectating option to allow players to watch the action in safety, or follow specific players as they make their bombing runs.

The game is simple to open- launching straight from the Bombermine website, and the controls are as easy to understand as the original Super Bomberman. All players are encouraged to give the game a try- though staying up all night is optional.


Tyler Lubben
Tyler is a lifelong gamer, getting his start on the Intellivision when he was three years old. After receiving his English degree, he discovered all those jokes about getting a job in his field were true. As Head Editor with oprainfall, Tyler is able to bridge his two passions; playing and talking about video games at any given opportunity, and being a total grammar nazi the rest of the time.