Age of Conan

Funcom and Valve were excited to announce yesterday that Age of Conan, the MMORPG based in the brutal world of Conan the Barbarian, has now joined Steam’s library of free-to-play games. Players who download Age of Conan on Steam will get access to an exclusive cloak in-game: the Spiked Cloak of Vapors.

After players download and install the game, they can register their Steam-linked account by clicking on the “Register” button at the log-in screen of the game client and registering their account. Region keys will be automatically assigned based on the user’s country of residence. Those who are interested should seek more information at this link.

Age of Conan

For those who choose to play Age of Conan, there’s a great deal of content and features for you to explore. There are four different races and twelve classes to choose from, and the entire realm of Hyboria for you to explore at your own leisure. Players in the Age of Conan have a level cap of 80, and can choose to rule their own guild and even build entire cities, with buildings and decor. Not many MMOs can boast the city building feature, but most of these others seem to be fairly standard. Players love customization, and this game seems to at least have plenty of that.

Now, Steam is a pretty big service, we’re all well aware. Many companies release their games at least partially through Steam, and there’s always some nice sales and some pretty cool indie games getting shipped through the service. This author’s opinion is that with Age of Conan‘s connection to Steam now completed, the game is going to be opened up to what could be an entirely new audience. If nothing else, there should be at least a decent amount of downloads coming through for the Steam-exclusive item, so Funcom’s got that to look forward to.


Joey Williamson
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