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Castlevania: Lords of Shadow - Mirror of Fate

The title pretty much says it all. If you’re excited for the newest entry in the rebooted Castlevania series, Lords of Shadow: Mirror of Fate, the hype just got that much more intense. Konami has a whopping six videos for us to check out! So let’s get down to them.

First we get the opening movie for the game, which shows off our robed Belmont looking upon the castle. Along with a band of warriors, he trudges into the forest, where he is faced with what appears to be a lizardman.

Another movie gives us just a little taste of Simon Belmont’s backstory. We see that he’s tormented by the destruction of his home and the death of a woman that’s probably his mother–not exactly the most original plot, but it’ll do.

Next, in our first gameplay video, we have a reminder that Mirror of Fate is a classic Castlevania game: a side-scrolling platformer with plenty of whip-swinging action–both to cross gaps and, of course, to fight baddies. There also seems to be a wall-clinging element that comes in handy for avoiding traps. Finally, we get a glimpse of a boss battle.

The second gameplay video shows the platforming in more detail, showing off the elements that borderline on puzzle solving: moving counterweights, pushing blocks, walljumping and the like.

The third gameplay video is all about the combat. Wide, sweeping whip strokes will combine with classic secondary weapons like the axe and boomerang.

Finally, we get to see everyone’s favorite non-Belmont Castlevania hero: Alucard (Well, maybe not everyone’s favorite, but that’s another subject). He sports a variety of special abilities, including flight and the ability to fade into mist and pass through fences. He also packs a mean magic attack.

It looks like Konami has pulled out all the stops and is showing us exactly what we’ll be getting next week when Castlevania – Lords of Shadow: Mirror of Fate comes out for 3DS. I’m more excited than ever for March 5th. Are you?

Phil Schipper
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