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God of War: Ascension
The last thing on his mind? Sword, definitely sword.

The release of SCE Santa Monica Studio‘s God of War: Ascension is almost upon us. To make the wait just that much more bearable, Sony has announced a single-player demo available later today after the PlayStation Network has been updated. (Just as a reminder, the weekly North American PSN update is on Tuesdays, and the European update lands on Wednesdays.)

The God of War: Ascension demo puts the fate of Kratos and his escape from the hellacious Prison of the Damned in the hands of the player, or champion. Yes, “champion” sounds nice. While exploring/escaping, “champions” will notice an even more refined fighting system littered with a new array of advanced combat techniques never before seen in the previous installments of God of War. Also, champions will topple titanic beasts, burn enemies to ash, use enemies impaled on their chained blades as wrecking balls, and unleash brutal combos with the weapons of their foes.

Sounds like a wild ride of intense proportions! To “ascend” your hype even further, check out the new single-player trailer for God of War: Ascension below.

God of War: Ascension takes place before all the previous games in the franchise. It will be released March 12 in North America and March 13 in Europe.


Arik Yates
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