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*WARNING* There will be spoilers ahead pertaining to the plot of Final Fantasy X. *WARNING*

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While Valentine’s Day may have passed, the month still revolves around an ultimate love. That love which we can feel for another person, that can seemingly consume us. When we take time to reflect on our feelings and our relationships with those we love, we often ask ourselves exactly how far we would go to help this person, our love. How far we will go to take care of them, to get them exactly what they need in their time of greatest desperation? Regardless of whether or not we’re in a traditional relationship with someone, most of us would like to believe that we would take that extra step. We like to think that we would go that extra mile to help ensure that no harm would come to this person.

Final Fantasy X: Tidus and YunaThe story of Final Fantasy X answers, at least in part, some of these questions for one couple in particular. The game itself holds a special place in my heart, which made it an easy choice for me to focus on for this week’s Building Character.

FF:X has been out long enough that I am not going to worry about spoilers so please, if you have not played the game, be advised that this will contain spoilers.

Yuna was such a demure and shy, yet strong character that I consider to be a very strong female game character. With that being said, she did not make her journey alone. She was surrounded by her guardians: Lulu, Wakka, Auron, Kimahri, Rikku and eventually Tidus. Each guardian provided a unique and special gift that helped the group as they trudged along on this, their epic journey that could save the world, but at the same time end the life of the one to finally complete it.

There are many ways to follow along with the story of Final Fantasy X. The game has such a story that you could almost pick out any two characters and really delve into the mechanics of their relationship. Today though, we are going to be focusing on Tidus and Yuna, as it is one that unarguably deserves a spotlight.

We watched and helped these characters as they made each decision that leads them to their ultimate outcome. We helped to guide them to where they needed to be and in a world of absolute chaos, we saw an unbreakable bond as it was forged. The story stayed with me throughout the years and I hope that it did for you as well, our beloved readers.

tidus and yuna ffxIn Final Fantasy X, Tidus is stolen away from his world, his life and his reality and plopped into the middle of a terrible war that was raging between Sin and the good people of Spira. We follow his journey as he meets up with everyone and eventually figures out exactly what is going on around him. When he does find out what is happening, he isn’t very happy about it. He sets out on a quest to not only guarantee that Yuna can fulfill her destiny, but also to make sure her life is spared.

Tidus encourages Yuna in every way possible. He makes sure that in her hour of desperation, when the world is literally about to crumble around her and her own faith is starting to shake, that she knows he is there. He offers her his companionship, his love and his faith in her when she is at a point where continuing may or may not happen.

Yuna in turn gives Tidus the same encouragement that she receives from him. She helps him on his way as he tries figure out what has happened to him, what has happened to his family. She sticks with this through the thick and thin of the story. The decisions that she makes throughout the game are always done with Tidus, as well as her quest, in the back of her mind. From her attitude to her choice to marry Seymour, Yuna considers Tidus in her every decision, which shows us all how she truly feels about him. How would you handle going on a quest that would bring about your ultimate doom? Would you have it in you to tackle your problems while also lending strength, humor and courage to someone who needed it?

At every turn in the game when life is throwing curve balls at Tidus and Yuna, they find a way to muddle through. Is the game perfect? No. Are the characters perfect? No, but together they make for a great story. The complex ins and outs of their relationship can offer us a unique look into what some people or characters will do when they are faced with some very trying experiences. A mission that could end the life of the one you love, a wedding that you would rather die than go through with or that you would rather die than watch happen. Everything that happens to them, such outrages as they are, are dealt with by both Tidus and Yuna in a way that strengthens their relationship. We should all ask and hope for so much out of our own relationships.

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