Day and Night. Two opposite sides of the same coin.

CyberConnect2, the studio behind the visually appealing Asura’s Wrath, Naruto Ninja Storm series, and the recent Jojo’s Bizarre Adventures All Stars, has released a new trailer for its action smartphone game, Shadow Escaper.

Shadow Escaper lets you play as impish night dweller Lili, whose inability to use powers at daytime forces her to flee from hoards of angelic pursuers. The game is essentially an endless runner with a formulaic twist; where you run through guided rails and collect items, avoid obstacles, and outrun your captors at day.

Once you endure the chase and face nighttime, you transform into a monster at night and exact revenge on your ethereal foes. You use all kinds of powers to zap your enemies to high hell.

The trailer appears to share a lot of stylized content, boasting the game’s lightning-fast gameplay and over-the-top flashy effects. CyberConnect2’s take on the endless-runner and pedigree for visual design makes Shadow Escaper an interesting experiment.

But I am a child of the Night. You shall face my power!
But I am a child of the Night. You shall face my power!

The game is currently available for iOS and free to play. You can learn more about the game HERE.

Shadow Escaper will also be available for Android at a later time. Though there is no word if this version too will be free to play.

Now if only that voice-acting didn’t sound so grating…


Andy Na
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